Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Events

I know, I know - I'm the worst blogger eva!
This past week has been amazing, and full of friends and family. I couldn't have asked for a better "first Easter away from home". My mom and sister came to visit last Thursday through Easter Sunday, and they surprised me by bringing my best friend! Who could have asked for more? I had so many thing I wanted to share with them while they were here, felt like there wasn't enough time in the day to do it! So here's how our fun filled weekend went!!

I picked Apollo up from the humane society, he no longer has his.. uh... little friends :) When I picked him up, let me tell ya!! He acted like nothing in the world happened to him. I was so happy, yet shocked. Not long after we got home my mom, sister and bff arrived!! Wooty Woot! :) Then it was a quick visit to Walmart... we definitely needed to get a small coffee pot. Justen and I are not coffee drinkers; therefore, there's no coffee pot in the house and my mom and bff are HUGE coffee drinkers! After wally-world we headed to a local "market". This local market at one time had a very large road side sign stating they have pomegranates, and I have been dieing for some!! Low and behold, we arrive, no road side sign and nothing but plants and outdoors things. *x EPIC FAIL x*  After that disaster is was time to head home.. and relax. We ended up "creeping" people's facebook pages and pictures, boy oh boy.. we had some laughs! About 3 hours of this, it was time for a delicious chicken, corn, salad and baked potato dinner! Yes folks, I purchased potatoes and helped my mom make them! AND... they came out great.. via everyone else. To round off one amazing day... we headed to my new addiction Sweet Frog. AHH! I love this place. It has 14-16 different frozen yogurts, and then an enormous "buffet styled" topping section, and everything is always fresh! Needless to say, everyone totally enjoyed it. :)

Our original plans involved the safari park and a lovely mountain side picnic; however, mother nature had other plans for us. Trying to keep our chins up and make the best out of a horribly yucky day.. we headed to the Roanoke, Valley View Mall. Surprisingly, it was a very decent mall. Minus the curving, hilling drive to get to it. Then we headed downtown, and ate at a local restaurant which was so yummie!! 

Then headed home for a new tradition I wanted to start. Normally each Easter, my family and I included pack our bags and head to New Jersey where my mom's family is from. So not being there this Easter, big change for me. We don't have anyone young enough for Easter egg hunts.. or anything.. and I didn't want to waste a bunch of hard boiled eggs.. SOOO.. the hubby and I thought about cookies! While shopping in our local Kroger, we saw sugar cookie mix.. making us say "yum". We grabbed some frosting, Easter cookie cutters, and sprinkles. So Friday night, we spent out evening rolling out sugar cookie mix, cutting, baking, then decorating! This ended up being more fun than I could've anticipated, so it is now a new tradition!! :) I'm soooo excited.

Was the day!! We all woke up bright and early and.. the bff woke up bright and bushy tailed (if only you could've seen her hair :) ). Ate a yummy breakfast, got all squeaky cleaned and packed a delicious lunch. Then we headed off to Natural Bridge, VA to visit The Natural Bridge Safari Park, which is by far one of the coolest places I have ever been! The interaction with the animals is unbelievable, and sometimes the animals got a little toooo close. 

We purchased our tickets and 4 buckets of animal feed and off we went!!!


The safari park was more then I could have expected and if you haven't been, you need to go. :) Better than any zoo. 

Was bitter sweet... I new the time would come, but who could have guessed so quickly. We made a big breakfast.. cantaloupe, chocolate chips pancakes, eggs, and bacon. mm mm yum yum! After that, it was time to say bye bye to 3 of the most amazing people I know.. but I knew I'd see them again soon, and I just thrilled they were able to come and spend this time with me. I love you guys and miss you already!! 

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  1. We had a great time too! From the mall to Peep wars and cookie decorating to the safari park - all great memories and looking forward to more lynchburg visits! love you.. momma