Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Friends..

Sorry for the delay in our updates. It's been busy, yet super slow out here for us recently. :)

One of our largest update - Justen officially sold his car, and it will truly be missed. The plus side to it, is we have been able to catch up on some bills and it even allowed us to pay some bills off. YAY! 

We've recently become pretty close with a neighbor and his fiancĂ©, who are expecting their first child within a month.. a little baby girl Makenzie Grace. 
So lately we have been hanging out with them, which has been so much fun.  They have actually gotten the hubby very interested in Frisbee Golf. SURPRISE! I never would have thought he'd be interested in that. lol But he is, and now we are looking to purchase a set of Frisbees just for him. 
We've also done a lot of dinners together... we cooked hot dogs over a fire pit one night followed by some amazing s'mores. Another night, we had them over and we used the George Forman.. as it was raining it's butt off outside! And of course, we have had Mexican twice with them - mm mm good! It's a relief to know we've found a few very good Mexican restaurants near by, as we are HUGE fans of it. ahh! a FAV!  

I also had my first interview here since we've moved. Thank goodness! Nothing fancy, but it'll be interview with the general manager of Cracker Barrel. The hiring manager is very interested in me starting in the "retail" portion of the restaurant, with a possible promotion to her assistant if she gets the position approved. So maybe!! The pay isn't what I'd like, but some income is better than none!

That's all for now. Other than - I get to see my mom and beautiful 
sister in less than two weeks! 
*does a super dorky happy dance*

More updates coming soon! <3

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  1. and we can't wait to see you either! see ya soon... momma