Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Natural Bridge Zoo..

I've been meaning to get this post on here since this past weekend! So here it is :)

This past Saturday, March 19 we decided a day out in the beautiful sunshine would be good for both of us. Then the decision what to do.. we looked at some different things around us to do, and this attraction popped up on my screen! I was so excited. I know that's a huge kid thing, but when it comes to zoos I just looooove them.

However, as we walked through the zoo you could definitely tell it wasn't the "typical" zoo I'm used to. I was great - and they allowed you to get reallllly close to a lot of animals. It was their environment. Some were a lot smaller than i'm used to seeing at the Norfolk Zoo. Made me sad for those little guys, but the ability to get so close to them kind of made up for it! Every corner we turned there were chickens. It was like being on a farm! Chickens EVERYWHERE. haha
Among the millions of chickens we were able to see :
    White Bengal Tigers
    Regular Tigers
    Camels - HUGE ones and little ones
    Multiple species of Monkeys
    3 HUGE Snakes
    BUT load of Guinea pigs
    Mountain Lion
    Big Goats and BABY Goats!
and soooo many more!

One of the best parts was being able to feed the animals. Well most of them. Justen got close to them, more so than I. I was to nervous! I didn't want any of those animals to bite me. So next time we go back.. which will be soon.. I only say soon, because...... they do elephant rides annnd baby tiger pictures! Ahh! So we will be going back to partake in those fun festives, and of course the brest frand will be coming. :)

Overall, the zoo was pretty decent. I did make a note to myself to NOT wear flip flops on my next visit. :) 


  1. AWESOME Zoo - hopefully we can go when Em and I come visit over spring break...

  2. ahhh!! just read this! I'm excited!