Saturday, March 12, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Parade!

Almost every year Justen and I attend the yearly St. Patrick's Day Parade held in Ocean View (Norfolk, VA.). However, being new residents of Lynchburg.. that drive is a little longer than we'd like to make for a parade.
Still in the spirit though, we decided to see what our new town has to offer, celebration wise. I began my intense web searching to find any sort of fun filled events for St. Patrick's Day, but NOTHING! Lynchburg, DOES NOT have a St. Patrick's Day Parade. WHAT?!
I was in shocked; however, all of my internet searching did pay off in the end as I found a HUGE parade in Roanoke, VA. Which is only about an hour away from our house! That hour was a little more reasonable for us than the 4 hour drive to Norfolk.

I thought I'd snag a few pictures while we were there to show everyone. It is a lot different from our normal what we are used to. All in all the parade was really fun. We had a blast together, as always.. and just a blast in general. The crowd wasn't too bad, the food smelled amazing, the sushi restaurant was great, and the drive was beautiful!

And the parade started, sponsored by The McDonald House! 

It seemed like everyone was in the GREEN spirit today as well. 
From two legged to four!

They had so many fire trucks. 

I couldn't resist taking pictures of each truck we saw. Susie, these are for you :) And we had to include a little of Lynchburg in the photos.. the green fire hydrant. They are everywhere in Lynchburg.. I have only seen 1 red one, and like 25 green! How crazy is that?

Hope you enjoyed our little parade as much as we did. 

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