Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am really starting to dislike it more and more!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my new mountain home; however, I am really starting to hate the "renting" part of it all! Okay, so we moved in a little earlier than expected.. big deal! We paid the money we owed plus some to cover the early move in fees or what not. But that doesn't mean we should get treated any differently! 

Firstly - I have been here since February 26th and my dryer has yet to be fixed! Well not really my dryer, but the venting portion of it all. My dryer works perfectly, but the venting part that brings heat in to dry the clothes.. yeah.. it SUCKS and totally doesn't work. We have to run about 4 cycles for them to be perfectly dry. So we called maintenance, and he came out, ran some tests.. looked at some stuff, and he still can't figure out why it's not drying our clothes properly. So it's been really frustrating, and it's like pulling teeth to try and get someone to come out and fix! All we want is to be able to wash our clothes and dry them in a timely manner. 

Secondly - We had to wait 2 weeks after moving in to get our freaking carpets cleaned! Talk about walking on filth! EW! The carpets were definitely nasty and in need of a good, good cleaning.
We made numerous efforts to contact our Realtor to figure things out. No response. We emailed him. No response. We called again. No response.. are you getting the pattern? After at least 5 calls and 2 emails.. Justen stepped it up and left a "not happy message yet not super nasty", but very stern and to the point (letting our level of frustration and unhappiness known) we received the phone call back that we were desperately trying to get. Of course the Realtor was nothing but overly apologetic and stating how he doesn't conduct business this way, but it didn't fix our problems. So we got our nasty carpets cleaned!

One of the things I love so much about my husband is how well he makes his 
point known, and somehow the receiving party always seems to understand he means 
business and nothing less.

However, carpets are not the only problem we've been having. We still haven't had our new renter walk through with our Realtor to discuss what issues we have and things that need to be fixed throughout the home, due to the previous renters. Thank you for being a (insert horrible name). :) 

So we are still waiting for that, among other things.

Speaking of waiting - I waited alllllll day for a maintenance man to come to my home to conduct a normal routine check up on some of the filters in the house. We were told they'd be here between 9 and 5. Yep - I waited all day. 4:45 came around - and I no longer waited.. I headed out the door with the husband and dogs and hit the park for some daily exercise! Just to return home and discover they came while we were out! UGH - SERIOUSLY! That irks my nerves so much. 

So needless to say - this new renting experience up here in Lynchburg is not going as smoothly as we'd like. 
Hopefully things change soon, and for the better! :)

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